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Property crimes are those involving the theft, destruction, or extortion 占有他人财产. If you have been charged with a property crime, know that a conviction can carry lasting, frustrating consequences, ranging from fines to prolonged prison sentences. 是很重要的 to protect yourself and your future if you have been charged with or linked 财产犯罪.

In cases of unintentional property crimes, such as negligence, proving your innocence can come down to providing the right evidence and assembling 有效的防御. It is possible to reduce the amount and extent of 必须支付的损害赔偿. Having an experienced attorney can help in knowing what must be proven in order to secure the best possible outcome.

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Charges involving damage or a loss of property are known as property crimes. This is an umbrella term used to include theft, damage, and false pretenses where another person's property is stolen, damaged, or destroyed. 你 can also be charged with a property crime if you borrow something and 未能退货. Due to the wide variety of property crimes, a good 法律辩护势在必行.


  • 盗窃罪(盗窃)
  • 纵火
  • 入室盗窃
  • 伪造
  • 敲诈勒索
  • 盗窃
  • 破坏公物
  • 挪用公款


Like crimes against individuals, property crimes are broken into felonies 和轻罪. 的 type of property stolen or damaged, along with the value of that property, will weigh heavily on whether a crime is a felony or misdemeanor, and subsequently the type of consequences. 的严重程度 of the offense can also be the determining factor between being charged 犯有重罪或轻罪.

No matter which type of crime you are charged with, contacting a good criminal 辩护律师是明智的. At the 易世博娱乐, one of our top priorities is to always make ourselves available to our clients.

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    “Ben did a professional and fantastic job on my case. He's always available to answer any questions and works hard to get you a resolution you are happy with. If you're in need of some legal help look no further. 给他打个电话,我很高兴我打了.”


  • Ben is an honest, professional attorney.

    “It was my first encounter with the legal system and I was scared. Ben made me feel comfortable from the start. He was honest on the potential outcome and he was always available when I had questions or just needed an update. He worked diligently with the DA and was able to get the charge dismissed. I'm truly thankful for his tireless efforts, his kindness and his professionalism. 我强烈推荐Ben.”


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    “I could highly recommend him to anybody who needs responsible trustworthy counsel.”


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    “I called the Ben 易世博娱乐 for help and Ben returned my call as soon as he was out of court. He explained what the process would be and what he could do for me. After that conversation I hired Mr. 雅各. Ben 雅各 besides being a good attorney is honest and straight with you about what is needed to win your case, and what you can do to help him win your case. Do yourself a favor call Ben 雅各. 史蒂夫。”


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    “First, let me start by saying that Mr. Ben 雅各 deserves to be recognized for his hard work and representation. 的re are really no words to express my gratitude and thanks for the outstanding effort in obtaining the exceptional outcome on my case. Mr. 雅各 went above and beyond what any other 律师 has ever done for me. When I was remanded into the sheriff's custody the feelings of hopelessness and despair were overwhelming. D.A. and the Judge made it clear that there were no chances left for me, and with a lifelong stigma of negative trailing behind me, I truly believed I was destined to stay in jail. Mr. 雅各 kept my life from making a permanent turn in the wrong direction. 因为先生. 雅各 truly cares about his clients and their well being I was released from custody. Ben 雅各 not only believed in me he went to bat against the whole courtroom on my behalf. Mr. 雅各 defends his clients with conviction and vigor, not backing down, and unwavering in his defense. Despite a troubled past and a bad reputation, Mr. 雅各 treated me with dignity and respect. I'm able to be the mommy my two-year-old needs because Mr. 雅各 believed in me when everyone else wanted me in custody. Mr. 雅各 is a true artist in his profession. Thank 你 seems ridiculous in comparison to the true effect of Mr. 雅各布对我生活的影响.”